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Three fabulous Black ballerinas, Ashley Murphy, Ebony Williams and Misty Copeland are on the cover of Pointe for June/July 2014. Stunning cover. They’re so beautiful. I’ve never bought a ballet magazine but I want a copy of this to read their story and to keep. 

Oh and their brown pointe shoes. IMPORTANT. 

I never realized pointe shoes were meant to match your skin tone. It makes perfect sense now, but it seriously never occurred to me, because all the pointe shoes I’ve ever seen were pink or some shade of pink/white.

Yay for learning something new today! Boo for having to learn it because of a lack of representation of people of color in ballet…. well, fucking everywhere, but in this specific case…

Yeah, they were always “flesh” coloured to accentuate and elongate the legs…. Growing up, I always hated having to either wear pink or black shoes because it just didn’t have the same look and made me stick out even more. 



They should make an animated short where Sully is an old monster and spent the remainder of his life after scaring remaking Boo’s door. When he finally finishes the door he goes back to Monsters Incorporated and places it in a door slot. The light turns on and Sully opens the door to find Boo’s room. He shuffles in and stands next to the bed. There is a girl in it, but it isn’t Boo. Sully frowns and starts heading back to the door. However before he could reach it he trips and falls creating a loud thud and waking the girl. The girl looks down at Sully and is terrified. She does not scream she just runs out of the room. Sully can not get up, he is to weak to lift himself. Minutes later the girl returns with a women in hand. The women lets go of the girls hand and covers her mouth as she gasps. She runs over to Sully and lifts his head up and looks at him with tears in here eyes. “Kitty?” She asks. Sully smiles and says “Hi Boo.” He watches the tears roll down her face as he begins to drift away. Then everything goes black.

Slow down there satan.

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